Complete K9

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  • CTE - Certified Trainer Educator (2011 - annually certified by Brad Pattison)
  • 6Legs Instructor                                    (2013 - annually certified by Brad Pattison)
  • K9 First Aid Certified

(WonderDog Creations K9 First Aid Course 2014)

My Raving Fans!

"We can’t thank Heidi enough for the peace of mind we feel knowing our pets are receiving great care in our absence."
-Geoff + Penney (Molly+Barkley)

"Molly adores Heidi and will wait by the door if we mention that 'Heid is coming to visit you today.' We're so thankful for all your hard work Heidi - Molly included!"
-Laura (Molly)

"Heidi’s love for dogs and her natural inclination to teach and care for them shines through."
-Laurie (Koda)

"The techniques and methods that Heidi showed us worked wonders.  We saw almost immediate improvement in our dog. Heidi has given us a relationship with our dog we never thought possible and has made our relationship stronger as well."
-Jessamine (Peaches)

"Our house was well taken care of and our pets had the best experience with Heidi. Trail walks, training and interaction while staying in our home was comforting for us and appreciated."
-Jeff+Lisa (Brie+Ries)


Heidi Bechtold - Owner/Operator

I had always dreamed of being a Veterinarian. After my first job at a coffee shop I started to work with dogs at a dog kennel. Working with the dogs while being side by side a Vet clinic and witnessing the experiences there, I knew that this wasn’t for me. So I now had to think of what else I could do with dogs. In the meantime I got Hershey, a 12 pound ball of Yorkshire Terrier energy, and we quickly found out that he was more work than our older 5 pound poodle. With this new challenge, my interest in wanting to train dogs sparked.

I now had no idea how to get started in becoming a dog trainer and after just graduating high school, decided to gain a business background in Marketing while focusing on getting as much experience in the dog world as possible. I continued working at a dog kennel and started dog sitting, walking, and volunteering for an autistic dog service company. As the 3 years went on my passion for dogs grew more and more. I began watching Brad Pattison’s show ‘At the End of My Leash’ and was fascinated by Brad’s passion for dogs and his determination to help owners by educating them properly on their dog’s needs. It just made sense and I knew I wanted to learn more. I stumbled across his website, and ‘Becoming a dog trainer’ I read that day - I knew I had found my next step.

After meeting Brad Pattison randomly at a local restaurant 6 months later, I knew that this was the exact path I needed to take. I applied for the course the December before graduating college and after graduation moved to Alberta, with Hershey, to become a BPCTE.

This amazing experience has been the best and most challenging thing I have ever done. Brad’s method has opened my eyes to so much more about dogs that I never thought possible. I look forward to helping people find and create the same bond that I have found with Hershey, and sharing the same successes with their dogs. With the tools and knowledge I am now here as a CTE proud to educate and empower owners, helping to make a difference in the dog world.

Me in Action!