Complete K9

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Pack walk – $22.50

Additional Dog - $10

Loyalty Package (10 Pass)

expires 4 months after purchase

1 dog – $202.50 

2 dogs – $292.50

3 dogs – $382.50

*Loyalty Packages are pre-paid cards that are only offered to regular clients – booking a minimum of one walk per week*

*taxes not included*

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Now servicing CAMBRIDGE, Kitchener and Waterloo!

                      "It's always better with the Pack!"

What is a pack walk...

Simply stated the pack is a group of dogs that walk together with said dog walker for an hour off leash hike in various parks, paths and forests. Pack walks are done Monday to Friday in KW Areas. 

BUT IT'S MORE THAN JUST A WALK! Your dog will get the opportunity: to be a dog, to socialize and bond with other dogs (and people), to learn how to properly behave and act with a group of dogs, to be challenged mentally with sit stay, recall and other stimulating activities, to have fun rather than sit at home all day while you are at work and the list goes on!

Please contact us to see if your dog is right for the pack!

How does it work...

Dogs are picked up anywhere between 10 am and 230 pm for an hour hike. All dogs are transported in the walkers car from the house, to the trail/park and back home. Dogs are away from their house for a total of about 2-3 hours, with driving included. Owners are emailed photo updates of how their dogs are doing during the walk or shortly thereafter. We would require a key or garage code or way to get into your house. 

How many dogs are in the pack...

There are 3-8 dogs per pack

What if my dog doesn't know off leash...

Don't you worry. We will work with each dog at their level and pace. Some dogs are ready to start off leash with the pack right away and some take a few walks to get used to it. If you aren't comfortable with your dog off leash - not a problem - we keep some dogs on leash if need be. Pack walks are meant to be flexible to fill the needs of all the dogs in the pack.

Want to learn how to trust you dog off leash - sign up for training!

How often does my dog go with the pack..

Maximum 4 days a week. Contact me to become a regular for a day or 2 of every week. 

Last minute inquiries are allowed but you must sign up with a consultation before being able to book last minute walks. 

Book your free consultation today! We would love to meet you and your furry friends!

We WILL leave your dog tired for the rest of the day!