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*Taxes not included*

SST Group Classes

Mon and Thurs evenings

Get 16 classes and come when you can!

Twice a week for 1.5 hours.
Total of 24 hours of instructions.
All ages, sizes and breeds welcome.

$530  for one dog
$810 for two dogs 

*includes martingale collar, 6 ft leash and 5 drop in classes

Drop-in Classes

For those who have completed the SST Group Class you are welcome to drop in to any class for a refresher or just an opportunity to continue socializing your dog. (Please contact prior)

$15 per dog per class

Introduction Classes

1.5-2 hours class giving you a sneak preview of what you will do and learn in the 8 week group class.

$25 per dog

Puppy Classes

For puppies up to 6 months

Teach your puppy obedience and socialization in a fun and refreshing way!

1 hour class, once a week for 6 weeks

$230 for one dog

*includes martingale collar, 6 ft leash and $50 to continuing training

Private Lessons

One-on-one training sessions in your home for 1.5 hours focused on you and your dog. Specific concerns will be address upon request.
2 sessions are recommend for better results.

$150 per session
*extra half hour additional $40*
$250 for two sessions ($50 savings)
$350 for three sessions ($100 savings)

*All training requires a 
MARTINGALE COLLAR and 6FT LEASH. Available for purchase through Complete K9.

Hustle Up Martingale Collars - $25
(puppy, XSM, SM, MED, LG)

Hustle Up 6 foot Leashes - $25
(3/4 inch and 1 inch)

Leash and Collar Colours 

*may not have all in stock - check availabiliy

"Unleashing the secret in training your dog."

The secret...

Dog Training in the Real World for Real Life Results!

I am here to educate you as to how to handle your dog in all situations - indoors and OUTDOORS - without treats, gimics, or masking! The only tools used are a Martingale Collar and 6 ft. leash. 

Train your dog around all types of distractions, from quiet parks to busy suburban streets. Dogs need and look for a strong leader and my training will educate you on how to fulfill that role for your dog. Learn how to mentally stimulate your dog for a happy and healthy dog. Learn how to understand your dog, and incorporate training into your everyday life. 

Most importantly learn a host of techniques to build and maintain a lasting relationship between the two of you. Experience success and the true happiness of having a dog!

Street Safety Training (SST)...

In addition to basic obedience (i.e. sit, stay, come), this course teaches:

  • How to be a strong leader for your dog
  • Overcoming common behavioral issues (i.e. excessive barking, jumping up, separation anxiety, excessive chewing, nipping, housebreaking, and more).
  • How to get your dog’s attention on walks and eliminate pulling on lead.
  • Walking your dog with mobility devices (strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, etc).
  • Socialization with other dogs.
  • Socializing your dog with infants/children, and teaching children how to safely interact with dogs.
  • Safe street crossings, and how to keep your dog safe in public places.
  • Understanding your dog’s body language.
  • Urban agility – fun ways to exercise your dog’s body and mind.
  • How to build a bond with your dog based on mutual respect and trust, while learning to identify and fulfill your dog’s needs.
  • Patience-training and confidence-building in real-world situations.
  • Off-lead basics (includes an educational group off-lead hike)
  • And so much more

What you should know...

  • Dress comfortably and according to the weather. ALWAYS BE READY TO MOVE!
  • Classes will be held in diverse locations from busy city streets to suburban neighbourhoods and everything in between.
  • Not sure about signing up - Come check out one class for free or participate in one drop in for $15, to see us in action 
  • Classes are held all year round - even in the winter!
  • You come to classes as you can until 16 classes are up
  • You can join anytime - all breeds, all ages, all sizes, all level welcome
  • You must come with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Once you start training you are committed to educating your dog!

Contact for details and check the home page for upcoming classes!