Complete K9

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We are a Team of qualified Dog Trainers, Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers serving KW!
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Why Choose Us?

  • Unique Dog Sitting Service - Don't stress about what to do with your furry family member when you go away, because your pet can stay comfy at home with one of our qualified K9 Nannys.
  • Real World Dog Training -  Experience the success of training you dog in the real world - outdoors. We train dogs around the everyday distraction that owners battle with everyday. Create a unique and unbreakable bond with your K9.
  • Pack Walking -  Allow your dog to be a true dog with a pack walk. Dogs run off leash with their friends, free to explore, roam and interact the way they were meant to. 
  • Fitness with your Dog -  Don't worry about finding time in the day to walk your dog AND go to the gym. Work out for yourself and for your dog with our unique 6Legs to Fitness

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