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~Puppy Play&Learn~

Do you want a class for your puppy that is not stuck within 4 walls, but is outdoor in the real world?
Do you want a class that builds a foundation of respect and a amazing bond for your puppy without using bribes (e.i. treats)?
Do you want to most social and friendly puppy in your neighborhood?

Announced Class Start Dates - Next Class Starts March 2017

Why Play&Learn?

It is so important that we teach puppies the proper socialization skills at such a young age - the most crucial learning period is 12-16 weeks, but even up to 6 months of age is the most important time to develop and learn how to play. These classes are very oriented around teaching socialization to the puppies but to also give them (and you the owner) structured learning. 

Puppies will go through their curiosity phases and well as a number of many other stages of puppy development, and these class will give you the tools to work with and through the naughty puppy habits that can become a huge nuisance as they get older. This class will be able to give you the tools to turn your high energy puppy down the path to becoming a well balanced dog and the perfect family pet!

  • Runs once a week for 6 weeks
  • One hour classes
  • Indoor and Outdoor locations around KW
  • Exclusively for puppies UP TO 6 MONTHS
  • Learn; sit, stay, come, down, loose leash walking, socialization, potty training, crate training, proper chews and toys, nutrition and food, puppy development, teething, basic grooming and much more!
  • The main feature of this class is to help you puppy to socialize - at least 15 minutes of each class will be reserved for controlled playtime!

  • $250 (taxes included), which includes a martingale collar, 6 foot leash and $50 credit to additional training
  • $50 deposit required upon signing up (this deposit is non-refundable and will be kept as a cancellation fee in the event of a drop out, but is transferable to other training services)