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Our Raving Fans!

K9 Unleashed Testimonals

K9 Nanny/Pack Testimonials


“I've had the pleasure of working with Heidi for 8 months now. We started using Heidi's services as a house/pet sitter on two occasions, once for a long weekend in May and once for 3 weeks this fall. We have her booked for 2 more times coming up. Both times we were extremely happy with her services. Our house was well taken care of and our pets had the best experience. Trail walks, training and interaction while staying in our home was comforting for us and appreciated.

We recently decided to embark on Heidi's dog training class and with two dogs, aged 3 and 2, our biggest regret was not doing this earlier. Our dogs are completely different, well behaved and pleasant to walk with, don't jump up, listen and are manageable. Heidi's training style helped us understand a process required for success. It involves leash training in packs. It works so well. After 6 weeks the dogs are walking off leash, staying off furniture, not jumping on people, listening to us and are in complete control. This has eliminated all the stress we had in the past.

If you want to discuss Heidi's services please feel free to connect with me. It has changed everything for the better."

Lisa Wetzler and Jeff MacIntyre
(Brie and Riesling)

"My boyfriend and I decided to look for help training our bulldog Peaches after becoming so over whelmed with her bad behaviour and not having any idea how to handle it. After finding K9 Unleashed we decided to sign up for the 8 week Street Safety Training and it was the best thing to ever happen to us. Heidi is an amazing teacher and has such passion.With her education and tools she taught us to how be better dog owners. The techniques and methods that Heidi showed us worked wonders. Her training is more about empowering you, and teaching you to be the alpha, than it is about training your dog. We saw almost immediate improvement in our dog. K9 Unleashed has given us a relationship with our dog we never thought possible and has made our relationship stronger as well."

Jessamine Hunsdale-Loh and Kyle Faust


"The training we did with Complete K9 Services was a wonderful experience! We had done puppy training before but this took training to new and great places, not only where we training outside and in new locations almost every week, but we learned about the way our 4 legged friend thinks. We are all better trained now and though there is still work to be done we feel as though we have the skill set to continue our training on our own.

Thanks Heidi we are big fans!"

Cristen Quigly and Colin Braun


"Heidi's dog training classes are so hands on. You get to really know your dog through the process. Its not just about obedience, its about having a well mannered dog that you are proud to have. Heidis training is wonderful and interactive, I  would recommend her classes to everyone."

Chantel Rummels


"One year ago we adopted an 8 month old collie-lab mix. Within one day we realized we would need help training her.

On a friend's recommendation and help we were able to get in contact with Heidi. It started out with 3 private sessions. Many times Heidi went home with scratches and bruises but she never gave up. After that we attended her course, 8 weeks, twice a week - it was a commitment but one well worth it. Heidi never lost her patience with Nova or me. She saw us through the course, Nova's first day at daycare, not to mention many emails, texts and a couple phone calls. She even let us join her while she did her pack walks.

We now regularly attend Heidi's hikes and without Heidi our Nova could possibly have been re-homed for the fourth time.

I am very grateful to Heidi and would recommend her to anyone that needs help with their dog.

Marilyn Bulmer (Nova)


"My wife and I were looking for a dog sitter to help us while we travelled and wasn’t comfortable with the idea of putting them in a kennel. Our goal was to find someone that was willing to stay at our home to help ease the stress of us being away. When we met Heidi we instantly knew that she had a love for animals and our two golden retrievers felt the same way. We decided immediately that we wanted her to walk our dogs once per week so they became familiar with her and her with them. Heidi’s skills and patience over the past few years has also help transform our one dog Baxter from a nervous dog to a gentler and friendlier pet. We can’t thank Heidi enough for the peace of mind we feel knowing our pets are receiving great care in our absence."

Penney and Geoff Millier
(Baxter and Molly)

"We have been so thankful to have Heidi as a part of our extended care family for our black lab Molly, especially after the birth of our daughter. Due to a very difficult birth resulting in an emergency cesearan section and long recovery, neither my husband or I were able to provide Molly with the attention she needed during the months following. Knowing that Heidi was coming several times a week to take Molly out for walks was invaluable at lowering my stress level as a new mom. It gives us great confidence knowing that Heidi is providing the same consistency and expectations for Molly during walks and care as we would. Molly adores Heidi and will wait by the door if we mention that 'Heid is coming to visit you today.' We're so thankful for all your hard work Heidi - Molly included!

Laura and Micah Jarvis


Heidi Bechthold is the perfect K9 Nanny!!

"Our 8 year old Wheaten Schnauzer Koda loves Heidi and eagerly anticipates his weekly off leash runs with her out in the woods! Heidi is a very trust worthy, responsible and knowledgeable pet care provider and we trust her implicitly with Koda. Heidi is always prompt, kind and caring each time she has Koda out for a run. Koda now waits patiently at the door with his tail wagging like crazy if we say “Heidi is coming”!! Heidi is kind enough to send photos of the fun in the woods with all the dogs together- it is so great to receive this after each run! Heidi is very well educated when it comes to dog training and handling and Koda’s behaviour has improved since he has been spending time in her care. Heidi is careful to return Koda to us cleaned up and ready for many hours of sleep after the run. Koda is tired, happy, content and very sleepy after his off leash runs with Heidi! We walk Koda twice a day on leash, but nothing compares to his off leash runs in the woods. Koda has been doing this for many years and has been running with Heidi for the past 2 months. We could not be more pleased with the time Heidi spends with Koda. Heidi’s love for dogs and her natural inclination to teach and care for them shines through."

Laurie and Dan Lessard


I’m truly not sure what I would have done without this service. I got a new job out of town, and with my commute it was too long to leave my dog home alone.
I’ve been using this service since Dec/14, and I don’t have enough good things to say about it. It’s given me comfort to know that someone dependable is coming to visit my dog, and to play with her, and give her some exercise/let her use the washroom on days when I’m not able to.
I’ve found staff to be personable, reliable, and professional. I even get pictures of my pup out on her walking adventures, which I love. I’d highly recommend them!
Paige Gigg